The Linnorm Kingdoms

Skjold's log - 4th of Lamashan

The caravan returns

The caravan I was traveling with returned today. It is good to be back home, the journey was pleasant though boring. I was itching for something to sink my axe into. Coming into the city we found it being attacked by a force from Irrisen. I was ready to go to the wall and help defend it, but alas was told I needed to stay and keep the caravaners safe. Needless to say this irked me. I must do my duty though, and that will not always be fighting. I know that sometimes my duties to the Blackravens will require me to let others do the fighting while I perform other important duties. I do not have to like it though. While keeping this caravan protected at Trollheim Keep, I kept the crowd calm with an impressive display of my battle prowess. We were soon alerted to a fire in the city. Knowing that the defenders would be busy on the walls, I had no choice but to rush to the site of the fire. Upon arriving my companions and I found wintermites around the burning buildings. Finally, something I could lay my steel into. Those pests were quickly dispatched, but the real threat was in a building nearby. Some of my companions made it into the building before me, and when I made my way in I saw an elf. Apparently this man was known to the Blackravens as Glaussen. Rushing into the battle, I was able to land one hit, but his counter was more than I could handle. The next thing I knew I was being healed by Kragni Bronzebeard. I was told there was some sort of alchemical brew that was lighting the fires in the buildings. My guess would be that the attack on the city was only a distraction so these fires could be set. After the battle with the elf, I helped put out the fire, and then returned to Trollheim Keep with Bjorn. I gave a report of what happened to Freyr. I was then asked to gather the companions that helped me and see if they would lend their assistance to the Blackravens. I set out to find those who fought with me. The rat merchant, Tau, I found in the inn called the Hag’s Toe, and he said that he would be willing to work for pay. I found the odd sorceror, Grine, at the site where we fought the elf, sleeping in a pickle barrel. Upon hearing my request he said he only wished to help. I had to track the Mammoth lord, Tam Tam, through the city. I found him on the opposite side of the river. He said he would think on my request. I joined in the celebration the rest of the night.



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