The Linnorm Kingdoms

Skjold's Log - 5th of Lamashan

the baiting of the trolls

I rose in the morning to my normal routine. I went out to train in the morning, and by the time I returned those I had fought with earlier had arrived to see Freyr. Freyr told them that he had need of capable adventurers such as them and asked if they would be willing to help out. We were all told that there were some leftovers from the host that Irrisen had sent against the city and it was requested that we go and hunt down some trolls before they caused too much trouble. There was no doubt that I would go out on this mission, but the others also came along. There was also a bard who seemed to want to follow us, not to fight, but to write down our tale. Whatever. When we left we headed across the river using the ferry. Heading north on the road out of town we came to a farm that Freyr had suggested we stop at. The farmers were friends of Freyr and gave us information on where we might look for trolls. There were two sites that were suggested, and we set off at once. A few hours on the road and we found signs of a troll. The trail didn’t last long, so we just headed in the direction of some hills that were the first site. We found a small cave opening that seemed a likely hiding spot. I moved up to the mouth silently, and when Tam Tam tried to follow some rocks fell into the cave. I could hear something in the cave, so we set up around the cave and tried to call it out. There was a response to our voices in a language I don’t know, but the bard that was with us spoke up saying that she could understand and speak to it. With her translating I told the troll what I thought of it and how a real troll wouldn’t hide in a cave. Eventually the troll emerged, but as I figured it was not much of a match. It couldn’t even hit me. After making short work of the first troll, I went into the cave to see if there were any remains or what it may have been hiding. I found an old chest that ended up having a couple hundred old coins. I then set us on track to the other area it was suggested we check. After some hours of travel we came upon a small wooded area, and heard voices speaking in what the bard told us was the same language the last troll was using. Seeing a small rise off to one side, I set a trap for the trolls. My companions went up onto the small rise, and I started tromping through the woods and tricked these other trolls into believing I was alone. A troll, bigger than the last one, came upon me, falling into the trap. My companions quickly set upon it, though this one put up much more of a fight. It also had a companion that circled around and got to Grine. This bigger troll did manage to land one hit on me, and a few on Tam Tam. We found some treasure on these trolls, but no more than would be expected. We returned to town victorious, having killed three trolls. All were impressed by the exploits of my companions and I. There was more celebration that night in honor of our accomplishment. At some point in the night Freyr offered two of my companions the black cloak. He also implied that I may be getting my full cloak soon as well. I also declared myself a new name that night, Skjold Troll-Bait, seeing as I had baited the trolls into attacking me and they were barely able to hit me.



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