Tindra Eveningshade

A fearless and inquisitive anthropologist and historian intent on making her name by recording legends as they happen.


Two big, brown eyes, framed by ruler-straight bangs, peer up at you from about three feet off the ground. They belong to a young halfling woman, tiny even by her peoples’ standards, a feathered quill in one hand and an open journal in the other.

This is Tindra Eveningshade, scholar and historian from the great city of Absalom. A post-graduate student at Arcanamirium’s History and Cultural Studies department, she has come quite a long way to prove her theories that the next great legends of the world will come from the windswept tundras of the Linnorm Kingdoms. All she needs to do is identify a promising group of adventurers, record their doings, and survive the experience so that she can publish her findings.

That’s why she’s here in Trollheim—they wouldn’t let her into Blackraven Keep—standing in a corner of some raucous Ulfen tavern, trying very hard not to get stepped on while she scans the room for potential subjects. If she’s lucky, she’ll find some soon. If she’s even luckier, they’ll let her tag along. And if she’s really, really lucky, they’ll pay for her room and board, because she’s running out of money and nobody here wants to pay to hear her theories on temporal relativity and the cycle of time.

Tindra Eveningshade

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