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Settlements and Locations

Trollheim, the capital of the region and largest settlement.
Blackraven Hall, home of the Blackravens.
Hellirinn, a solemn and peaceful village of seers.
Eldentre, a large village centered around an enchanted oak tree.
Hero’s Rest, a memorial site for those lost beyond the border of Irrisen.
Summerglen, a perpetually warm canyon and home to many small dwarf clans.
Stormspear Keep, the northernmost Blackraven fortification and giant eagle aerie.

Grungir Forest
Losthome, a trading post and logging camp on the forest’s northern border.
Delmon’s Glen, a gnomish town welcoming of travelers.

Jol, the corrupt and crowded capital of the region.

The Thanelands
Kalsgard, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the Linnorm Kingdoms.

Across the Border
The Verge, the southwesternmost region of Irrisen and the center of its military.
Redtooth, capital of the Verge.
Skrata, a trading post along the Rimeflow River that sometimes deals with Trollheim.
Gojko, an impoverished and struggling village along the Verge’s western border.
Vasterborg, “the Forge of Irrisen,” home of great smiths and skilled enchanters.

Groups and Organizations

The Blackravens, a group of warriors and adventurers sworn to defend the border with Irrisen.
The Guardians of Grungir, an order of druids who strive to maintain balance between humans and fey.
The White Warriors, a fanatical order of Irrisen knights.

Notable Individuals

Freyr Darkwine, Castellan of Trollheim and commander of the Blackravens.

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