Region: The Verge
Size: Small Town
Population: 1,075
Ruler: Countess Ekaterina (NE female human witch 6/winter witch PoP 6)

Situated close to the border with the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, the town of Vasterborg is heavily fortified and boasts a large population of soldiers human, ice troll, and winter wolf. As such, the town’s many industries cater to the army, from taverns and brothels to fighting pits and “coursing fields.” These latter are flat, open areas where winter wolves can indulge in the sport of coursing-using speed and sight, rather than scent, to catch fleeing prey. Condemned criminals, debtors , and prisoners of war are typically the “game” hunted on the coursing fields, but it’s not unheard of for an unlucky peasant or lone visitor to the town to end up being coursed by a bored or bloodthirsty winter wolf.

While Vasterborg boasts that it is “the Forge of lrrisen,” in truth that distinction belongs to the city of Morozny in Wintercrux. Morozny’s smiths ship large amounts of armor and weapons to Vasterborg, where artisans decorate these implements of war with exquisite artistry, creating
swords with dizzying designs etched in their blades, helms with curling iron horns and colorful plumes, and breastplates emblazoned with proud insignia. A number of wizards employed in the industry add magical powers to these creations. Military Jadwiga across Irrisen pay exorbitant prices for such lovely and potent instruments of war, and this trade has made the aristocracy of Vasterborg some of the wealthiest in the land. Indeed, half the town’s population actually consists of Jadwiga involved in this lucrative trade-an oddity given the aristocracy’s usual
disdain for provincial peasant towns. Countess Ekaterina, ruler of Vasterborg, is thought to have eliminated two competing relatives for assignment to this remote settlement. She has secretly vowed that when Baba Yaga returns to depose Queen Elvanna, Ekaterina herself will not be consigned to some subordinate role by the new queen’s offspring. Wealth buys power, and the countess has stockpiled hers
for decades.

Because of Vasterborg’s industry, dwarven and non Jadwiga human metalworkers and wizards adept at the creation of magic armor and weapons have a special status in the town. They may even share a table with Jadwiga at local taverns, an unheard-of privilege in other lrriseni towns. Renowned artisans in Vasterborg include Posk Railhemmer (N male dwarf expert 4/fighter 3), Chelia Duvenich (N female human expert 4/ranger 3), and Yemoses the Osirian (LN male human wizard 9). These elite artisans wear the emblem of a red snowflake, a symbol of the community’s esteem for their skills.


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